3.0 Returned Goods Policy

Shortages or damage must be reported within 3 working days. Returns could be subject to a 25% restocking fee. 

3.1 Under normal circumstances, goods will not be accepted for return for credit other than for the following reasons:

a. To correct a company delivery or order error.

b. In response to a recall instigated by a manufacturer.

c. Where the products or packages are alleged to have been faulty, damaged or tampered with prior to delivery.

d. Where the products have been offered on a pre-arranged ‘sale or return’ basis.

e. Where the company agrees, in advance of their return, to accept goods not covered by any of the above criteria.

 3.2 Goods returned to correct a Company error

a. The goods must be returned within 7 working days of receipt. Goods requiring temperature controlled storage must be notified to the company no late than the next working day and must have been stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations whilst on the customer’s premises. Goods must be adequately packed to ensure no damage is caused during their return to the Company.

b. All returned goods must be in perfect original condition; not marked in any way; should not show any evidence of being tampered with.

c. To be considered for return for credit the goods must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice or delivery note, or the number of the specific invoice on which the goods were supplied, together with a reason for their return. If this information is missing there will be a delay in issuing credit. 

3.3 Returns where the products or packages are alleged to have been faulty, damaged or tampered with prior to delivery:

a. Details of the fault or damage should be notified to the company as soon as possible in order that the manufacturer can be alerted if appropriate.

b. Good must be packed separately and accompanied by a copy of the invoice or delivery note (as in 3.2.c.).

3.4 Where the Company agrees to accept the return of goods not covered by any of the criteria recited in clauses 3.2-3.4

Goods will only be accepted by prior agreement with the company and must be accompanied by all the information detailed in 3.2(c), in addition to the name of the person who has authorised the return. Please note:Goods returned under this category may be subject to a handling charge.

3.5 Goods returned to stock

Goods returned by customers for any of the above reasons will only be considered for credit if:

a. It is known that they have been stored in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

b. They have been assessed and accepted by a person authorized by the Company to do so. The assessment will take into account the nature of the product, any special storage conditions required and the time elapsed since the goods were supplied.

3.6 Special orders.

These products will not be accepted for return or credit unless supplied as a result of a company error. In such cases, the product must be returned within 7 working days of receipt.

3.7 Packaging

All returned goods must be securely packaged to prevent damage during the return journey.

3.8 Date expired goods.

Date expired goods will only be accepted for credit in accordance with the terms laid down by the manufacturer concerned.


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