Premium Laparoscopy Package

Complete Laparoscopy Package for £19,500.

Its easy to see why this package is so popular.

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Package contents : 

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The Vetseal Advanced Electrosurgery Unit
Advantage Ecocam Camera + 18mm Focal Adaptor
LED Light Source
Endoscopy Trolley and Screen Mount
Flat Screen Monitor 17"
Fibre Optic Light Cable
D Flow Insufflator, Silicone Tubing / Connector
5mm 0 Degree Laparoscopic Telescope
2 x 5mm Threaded Operating Port with Stopcock
5.5mm Trocar
10.5mm Threaded Instrument Port
10.5mm Conical Trocar
11>5mm Reduction Valve
5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Babcock Forcep
5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Biopsy Forcep
5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Aggressive Grasping Forcep
5mm Rotating Laparoscopic Metzenbaum Scissor
Laparoscopy Palpation Probe
Laparoscopic Aspiration Canula
Verres Needle

Interested in Laparoscopy?

Are you interested in learning the skills required to perform laparoscopic surgery in companion animals? If so, our Small Animal Laparoscopic Surgery Course is the perfect course for you. These courses consist of a one-day theory session followed by a one day wet-lab (cadaver) practical session. There is a full laparoscopy station and cadaver for every two delegates. Contact us to find out dates for our courses.

Course Content

• Equipment – selection, cleaning and maintenance
• Anaesthesia for routine and emergency laparoscopy
• Diathermy and Vessel Sealers – available options
• Establishing pneumoperitoneum – controversies about how to get started.
• Biopsy techniques – liver, pancreas, kidney
• Neutering – ovariectomy, ovariohysterectomy
• Laparoscopic-assisted gastropexy

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, it is expected that delegates will be confident in the basics of laparoscopic surgery and to perform the outlined surgical techniques.

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