New Multiparameter Monitor

5th October 2020

Introducing the Brand New Multiparameter Monitor from Midmark

The Multiparameter Monitor is equipped with Cardell® blood pressure technology, veterinary-specific algorithms and innovative, staff-friendly capabilities. Relying on decades of clinical experience responding to common anesthetic issues, Midmark designed these enhanced features to help your team avoid pitfalls and prevent anesthetic complications.

Free Clinical Support
Recieve FREE clinical support when you buy the new Multiparameter Monitor.

Built-in ECG and CO2 Libraries*
The new waveform libraries show the most common patterns in anesthetic cases. When you question a waveform, you can quickly—with one touch—scroll to match patterns of common anesthetic occurrences and identify possible problems.

On-Screen Pre-Procedure Checklist + Soda Lime Reminder*
The new pre-procedure checklist and CO2 soda lime absorbent reminder can help you breathe easier knowing all staff in your hospital are taking the necessary steps for safer, more efficient procedures.

Enhanced BP Features
Helps improve accuracy, efficiency and reduce errors. The Cardell® BP technology you trust adapts to your patient and employs advanced motion suppression for more efficient, reliable and timely readings. An additional screening mode allows more accurate diagnostic readings on awake patients.

*Patent pending

Monitor Specifications

9.2 lb (monitor and base)
5.09" x 13.00" x 10.96"

Voltage:AC 100 - 240 V

NIBP:Cardell® BP Technology
Pulse Oximetry (SpO2):Nellcor® Oximax®
CO2 Monitoring: 
Respironics® CAPNOSTAT® 5 Mainstream
Respironics® LoFlo™ Sidestream
ECG:3-Lead Standard, 5-Lead Optional

Respiration Method:
Direct:Capnography (optional) Invasive Blood Pressure:2-Channel (optional)
Anesthetic Gas:Masimo® Multigas Mainstream or Sidestream (optional) CO2, N2O, ISO, SEV, ENF, DES, HAL
Display:12.1" LCD Resistive Touch Screen
Printer:3-Channel (optional)
Waveform Display:
6 Channel with IBP and Multigas Options
3-4 Channel Standard Display

ECG Vector Waveform Display:
7-Channel with 5-Lead Option
1-Channel with 3-Lead Option
ECG Gain:Auto, x0.25, x0.5, x1, x2, x4
HR/PR Range:
ECG HR = 15-350 bpm
SpO2 PR = 20-300 bpm
NIBP Modes:Manual, Auto, Continuous, Screen
Graphical Trends:168 hours
Tabular Trends:168 hours
Parameter Alarms:User-Defined High/Low with 4 Defaults (cat, dog, horse, other)
Download to PC:USB Drive


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