1.5mm Locking Plate System

6th October 2021

We are excited to be launching our brand new 1.5mm locking range. This range includes locking screws, plates and a uniquely designed stubby screw.


1.5mm Locking Plates

Designed with a low profile and chamfered edges with only 4mm between hole centres to better engage smaller fragments.

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes from 3 holes to 8 holes. Therefore, there is no need to cut plates to length and the ends are already fully finished. The compact overall lengths make these ideal for areas such as the digits.

Check out the new plates


1.5mm Self-Tapping Locking Screw

Our new range also comes with a self-tapping 1.5mm locking screw. These come in a range of sizes from 6mm up to 24mm. You can use these screws to tap before using the new stubby screw.

Check out the new self-tapping locking screws

1.5mm Stubby Locking Screw

For thinner section bone sections/high motion areas. 4mm and 5mm lengths. Full thread profile close to tip for maximum bone purchase with minimal over-penetration. Tap using 1.5mm self-tapping locking screw.

Check out the new stubby screws


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